Well, I was playing Project Gotham Racing 2 which I purchased yesterday for thelow low price of $40 (CDN, $30 USD).

And it is a superb game
I also have xbox live which wil be setup at my leisure when I have time.

So anyways, I got to thinking about stteering wheels and how much fun it would be to play with a real shifter and pedals and a wheel. That's when this caught my eye:

MC2 Universal Racing Wheel

Reviews everwyhere are outstanding and that was at the $60 USD price and at that store I can get it for $60 CDN or around $45 USD.

However, even though the cost for the universal wheel (works with all next gen consoles and psone) is the same as the xbox only wheel, it doesnt come with the expansion slots for the headset. And i would like that... However I am ready to just buy the universal IF you can just plug the headset into your controller in controller port 2?

Anyways it looks really cool eh? SO I was wondering if any of you have a steering wheel? And what do you think about that one?