Hey! Anyway, ya, so I tried this out. All you need is the PS3 charger wire thing, and a PS3 controller.

Sixaxis stuff is not implemented in this one, but I thought I'd just give everyone a shout who might have a PS3 controller and wire and a PS3 I guess, and wanted to play some PS1 emulated games or PC games with a controller.

This works brilliantly, I just installed it today.

Here is the link to the thread.

And here is the quote that made sure I got through it. My OS is Vista Ultimate, I'm sure it would work on XP. I'm not so sure about dual boots though with some combinations of OS, for whatever reason because I read something. Note that I am actually computer illiterate, so don't really take my commentary about PC workings to heart.

I will show my post on that site, and how I got it to work and whatever. I was really happy because I had to give my adapter back to the person who owned it, so now this works so I can continue to play emulated PS1 games, and now PS2 and 3 games on the PS3. I got everything Playstation I need

My Post

My username is chickenface on that site, with my amazing 1 post.

@Malus Darkblade and others....

Try this. I'm using Vista if anyone wants to know. This worked perfectly for me.

Thanks a lot to Zalibidas, I really appreciate it.

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1. Download the files, and use the "libusb-win32-filter-bin-" file. Follow the instructions until its installed.
2. Plug in the PS3 controller.
3. Open control panel, then game controllers. Make sure its on there. You should notice the PS3 controller is doing nothing right now. Open properties for the controller to enter the test screen, and leave it there.
4. Run "ps3sixaxis_en". It SHOULD open and close. Now go back to the screen where the controller test is and hit the PS button a few times. Button 17 should light up. If it does, congrats, your controller is working.

This is what I did to make it work. I don't do this now cause its much more simple to do now that I know how.

Once you get it going, every time you plug it in, just run ps3sixaxis_en and hit the ps button.

Hope that helped, and good luck getting it to work.
What I missed was running the ps3sixaxis_en.exe program, maybe because I'm computer illiterate :P

Thanks very much again.