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Thread: 100 PS3's a bit early?

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    100 PS3's a bit early?

    And i quote

    Quote Originally Posted by QJ
    As soon as you read this post, get your behind moving to the nearest Circuit City store near you to be ahead of the pack. That's because on November 16th, six of their branches will be giving you guys a chance to have your own PS3, a day earlier than the rest.

    Here's how it goes. Starting at 8:00 p.m., the event starts. Although, we're definitely sure you'd want to get there early. Inside the stores await 100 units of your much-awaited PS3, all available for purchase. By 10:00 p.m., the first 100 people in line will be handed vouchers. And come midnight, it's a free for all (or at least for the first 100 people) as the doors to Circuit City open, and you can now buy the next-gen console.

    Now, if you didn't get there fast enough to be part of the lucky bunch, don't mope because you still have a chance to win one. Five of those stores will be giving away five PS3s each - operative terms: giving away - while the Union Square store will be spreading the love with 100 units! Is that cool, or what?

    The six Circuit City stores about to make your dreams come true are the following:

    * Union Square store no. 3679, Union Square, New York, NY
    * Torrance store no. 404, Hawthourne, Los Angeles, CA
    * Cherry Hill store no. 0734, Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, NJ
    * Schaumburg store no. 3111, Schaumburg, Chicago, IL
    * Rockville store no. 866, Rockville, Washington, MD
    * Short Pump store no. 3549, Richmond, Richmond, VA

    The local radio stations on the aforementioned sites will be part of the event, announcing the contest winners and handing out T-shirts.
    Shamelessly stolen from pumkins thread

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    4mins before my thread lol..

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    oh crap one will be at a local circuit city by me i may have a chance to get one at launch! now i wonder at what time i should get there.

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    ok now when they say "have a chance to win a new PS3", are they seriously saying that u gonna win it and not pay for it??? that'll be awesome.
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    considering ps3 will be rarer than dolphin piss, 100 ps3 makes it easier to get your hands on one.

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    I like what the stores are doing.
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    hehehehe, hopefully I'll get mine this Wednesday!!!!11!!

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