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Thread: The 3rd character of Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, the mage Malakesh. Gameplay video.

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    The 3rd character of Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, the mage Malakesh. Gameplay video.

    We've given you some awesome gameplay videos of the agile Scout and the brute Warrior on previous coverage of Untold Legends: Dark Kingdoms. Now you can see your latest ally on the fight against the corrupted King Malakar as he torment his entire kingdom due to the influence of dark magic, Malakesh the Mage.

    The earlier screenshots posted about the game's third character don't do his powerful moves any justice. Every swing of his staff, spectacular display of lights that it is, is actually a lethal weapon against the undead. He also unleashed a couple of big time magic that sent a horde of skeletons reeling. Be mesmerized by his magical abilities as he engages in battle against the forces of darkness by clicking at the download link just below the article.
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    I'm really liking how this game is shaping up ..

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    When is this game going to be released?
    It still looks very rough to me...
    The multi-player would need to be tight for me to even consider this title. Peace

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    Talk about doing things right. Keep it coming SOE.

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    Pfft. Cant get either to load

    *Saw it on Gamevideos*

    I like that Ice spell he uses early in the vid

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    Thanks for the vid, I guess there is good and bad about the game right now but it's steadily improving.

    One thing that bugs me is how people play action games in a stupid way, everytime you get targetted by an archer, ALWAYS TAKE THE ARCHER OUT FIRST!!! Why is this such a difficult thing to do? It's like the guy is running around getting hit by arrows.

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    hahaha so true. I think this game is shaping up well, it's an rpg after all. Of course, gonna wait for the final verdict and try it out for myself.
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