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Thread: Where are you in life?

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    Question Where are you in life?

    It's crazy this place is still around. I remember finding it one day, when I searched for "Nintendo forum" on google back in like 2003. Back then the internet was different. This place was different too. I remember it being NintendoNow. I think my favorite user was Dork, he always posted some shit my 12 year old self thought was hilarious. I can't even look at some of the cringy stuff I wrote back then. I got banned once for something but they let me back in. For years this forum was a big part of my life.

    Anyway, I'm 29 now, married with my own house and a pretty decent job. Life is ok, kinda wish I had done more though.

    Teh Flock

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    You still have plenty of time. I do the same thing I've always done (video production), but a lot cooler gigs, and I've expanded my reach into visual effects. I produce music festival recaps for a living, as well as concert video production and video projection mapping and 3D water screens. No wife or kids, looking for a house but also enjoying not being tied down by owning anything... just doing my thing for now, completely unrestrained.

    Some of my work:

    Video Mapping:

    Water Screens:

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    Ah. welcome back fellow madhousian. No need to wish you'd have done more in life, all those hours calling alpha and eman homophobic slurs was time well spent.

    There's a facebook group now, so you can internet stalk all of the old nnow members to your hearts content. Some updates:

    Omega is still as responsible and fatherly as ever.
    Viper is still a dreamboat.
    Spatula makes bagels or something.
    Bryan started transitioning into a brave, beautiful woman. Such courage...

    As for me, I have an 11 year old son who's already more mature than dork was, and I own a company that gentrifies the crap out of Portland, Oregon. In my spare time I enjoy coal rolling bearded hipsters as they ride by on their bikes.
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    i make bagels and got married and we're all gay

    we're all so gay

    every single one of us
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    Both of my kids are now adults.

    I run a data center and should get my professorship next spring.
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    I was 17 when I registered. Now 34. So much memories here of teenage angst of me. Doing as crazy as always nowdays. I often think of my younger self and his desperation with love life etc and it's hilarious.
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