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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles

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    Xenoblade Chronicles

    So i finally switched on my Wii and decided to try out Skyward sword. Surprise surprise after an hour i was bored shitless. I know i know theres a good game in there but i didnt have the energy so i put on Xenoblade Chronicles for a quick look see. My quick look see ended after 7 hours

    @OmniStalgic and @Diresu : You guys are going to love this game so if you have Wii's place your orders now. It kind of plays like a mix between FFXII without the gambits and Star Ocean but with a deceptively complex yet very appealing combat system. The soundtrack is really good and on graphics i cant really comment because its on Wii ( BOOOO!!! ) but its decent. The story is not too bad so far either. The voice acting is average but not bad. So yeah im only seven hours in and i already know this is my personal Wii game of the year.

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    I actually been playing it for a while on Dolphin. Game is very good, OST is incredible. Yasunori Mitsuda is always amazing. Haven't gotten too far because TOR came out and is taking most of my time.
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    Nice early impressions...Almost time to dust off the Wii, but I'm backed up on games...My daughter doesn't let me play for long periods of time anymore
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