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Thread: 3DS Impressions

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    3DS Impressions

    these are just quick impressions. pardon the scatter brain and potential word/idea salad.

    Walmart has (as of today Aug. 9th 2011) dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS to $169.99. If you're wondering w/employee discount and 7% sales tax it's $163 and some odd cents.

    So since if you register the 3DS before the 12th you'll get some 20 games to DL I figure it's worth a shot and I picked up the black one because I think the blue one looks hideous. That and my wife will hopefully enjoy it since she is the one who plays the DS the most.


    The DS and its varied incarnations have more or less perfected or trained us into thinking how a dual screened device should feel and overall the 3DS is no exception. So if you've had any time with a DS you know what you're getting yourself into.

    The build of the device is solid. While I wouldn't want to see any of my hardware fall to the floor I have the belief that if worse came to worse it would survive much in the same way my DSlite has.
    While you could call the 3DS heavy, especially in comparison to say Sprint's Kyocera Echo or the DSlite, it isn't so heavy that I'd consider leaving it at home in lieu of just having my smartphone or Kindle.

    As I thought going in this is worthless to me. I hardly have bad vision out of one of my eyes, while not blind this eye could hardly read the front of a cereal box w/o some extended time. Though this may give me longer batter life and the addition of having a brighter screen.
    Trying in vain to discern any effect i tried all the included stuff and that horrible music video in the download section. Needless to say all i got was a headache, eye strain, and a desire to see that switch firmly in the off position at all times. Now again, 3D movies don't do anything for me so this is/was expected.
    Hopefully my wife will find some enjoyment here.

    Picked up a copy of Ryanman 3D at Amazon for $27. (ordered it yesterday it arrived today. I <3 you Amazon Prime)The game is great and best of all wife enjoys it as well.... all though this brings us into battery life issues...

    Something tells me that this is one portable I'm going to have to keep on the charger more frequently. While the DSlite and Kindle seem to just keep going the 3DS is more like my smartphone. gotta remember to keep it charged before going out. So that charging cradle thing is a nice idea... though I wonder how much energy it's going to use while just sitting there pluged in w/nothing to charge. While i will probably jut unplug it when it isn't charging, doing so feels like it is defeating the purpose.

    Video Streaming:
    - Stuff streams quickly from Nintendo but...
    - Netflix (i still have 3 days left before my account goes buh-bye!)
    Takes for fracking ever to load a video. seriously my Laptop, PS3, and Roku box were all able to load up and play a video in higher resolution than it takes the 3DS to start playing a single Futurama episode. Now granted the PS3 is hardwired but in no way can i recommend this for Netflix. Unless you like waiting, in that case well go knock yourself out, by the time the paramedics find you you're video will be ready and now you're stuck with the dilemma of having some people over and watching something on this smaller screen. xD

    Things I would expect in a revamp in a year or two.
    - Brighter top screen.
    - Longer battery life
    - Games I'd really care to play and not just rehashed/re-released classics... unless you're letting me play games such as but not limited to:
    Winback, Crusin World, Diddy Kong Racing, Perfect Dark/GoldenEye/Jet Force Gemini, LoZ: Majora's Mask

    those are my impressions. Overall a well built handheld but without a great selection of new/original content I think my Kindle will continue to be my go-to device when away from the computer or house.

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    Give us your friend code, you jerk.

    Because without the "1337" and "Cowboys!", we'd be the Wyld Stallynz.

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    For a device used mostly by my wife?


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