• Konami Releases Patch For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

                Save Issues Addressed and Upgrades Added With All New Patch for Critically Acclaimed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

                KONAMI today announced that a patch for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is now available on PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The patch will help resolve the "save game" issues related to user interaction with controller buttons (PlayStation button and SELECT), or disconnection of the controller while the auto-save icon is on-screen. The patch will also offer cosmetic upgrades such as ability for the loading screen text to scroll improving user readability. KONAMI will be sending details for a new patch for the Xbox 360® version of the game shortly.

                Developed by Mercury Steam in collaboration with Kojima Productions, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow introduces a fresh and radical re-imagining of the vastly popular series with an epic tale of love, despair and hope. As Gabriel Belmont, voiced by Robert Carlyle, gamers must fight to free the souls of the dead that are trapped on Earth and unable to find peace. Gabriel must track down the mysterious Lords of Shadow in order to unite the pieces of a relic called "The God Mask" that can purify the world and has the power to bring the dead back to life.

                Along Gabriel's journey gamers will traverse over 50 diverse and beautifully realized 3D stages, come up against over 45 enemies, and defeat huge adversaries in real time with skill, power and timing. In total, the game boasts over 40 possible combo attacks that can be added to Gabriel's arsenal. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow offers a wide range of puzzles with larger adversaries that require a specific means to exploit weaknesses, or object-related puzzles that will open doors or give access to previously unreachable areas.

                Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For assets and information, please visit the company website at http://www.konami.com/games.

                Source: Press Release
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