• Double Fine's Costume Quest Dated and Price

                Double Fine is trying out the small downloadable titles first of which is Costume Quest. In Costume Quest you play as one of a pair of twins who are out trick-or-treating on Halloween night and are task at finding your other sibling after he is kidnapped by a candy stealing monster, Grubbin.

                You can expect a fair amount of funny dialog when this releases on October 20th on PSN, XBLA, and PC for the price of $15.

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                1. Unspoken's Avatar
                  Unspoken -
                  I have really been looking forward to this game. I'll be downloading it on the 20th.
                1. SuperLuigiBros's Avatar
                  SuperLuigiBros -
                  Hell yeah, this looks great. Check out the Quick Look at Giant Bomb:

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