• E3 2016: Bethesda Conference Wrap Up

                Bethesda was one of the companies that was hit by leaks only being outdone by Microsoft. While all the announcements were more or less known it was still a solid show by Bethesda. Quake Champions started the show which is described as a hero based FPS for the PC. With only a CG trailer to go off of you can't really tell what that game is. They then announcement VR experiences for DOOM and Fallout 4 with the former seemingly exclusive to HTC VIVE, seems like a stab at former id founder and DOOM co-creator John Carmack who currently works for Oculus.

                Then going into Bethesda proper they showed off The Elder Scrolls: Legends, presumably going after Hearthstone money which is earning $20 million a month. Next they detailed Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter updates with a Fallout Shelter inspired vault builder for Fallout 4. Ending this section was the inevitable Skyrim Remaster for Xbox One and PS4. Added a number of improvements to the overall look of the game and player created mods for the console versions.

                Next was future updates to DOOM multiplayer map and new Snap Maps features. After this was the annual reminder that Elder Scrolls Online exist with one woman being extremely thrilled by this fact along with several other facts giving throughout that presentation.

                Arkane studios announced that they are indeed working on a Prey game though not Prey 2. This will be a reboot of the series set in 2032 during a alien invasion of a space station with a psychological twist. Later in the show they showed off Dishonored 2 for quite a bit longer then the should have, felt a bit like padding out the show.

                Now two leaks didn't actually get announced, those being The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstien sequel. However A Wolfenstien: New Colossus was tease as part of the beginning of the show with the following picture. The other thing in this picture that is of note is Doom4^H where ^H means backspace making it Doom.

                Trailers of interest:

                Full Show starting at 1:12:16

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