• E3 2016: EA Conference Wrap Up

                This year's EA conference mirrored that of two years ago where they had many games but few that were in a state to actually show off to the public making for a rather lackluster show. Outside of sports EA had Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and an indie title Fe that comes under their new indie intiative EA Originals. Even Sports they only showed off FIFA and Madden with no mention of NHL or NBA.

                They showed off Mass Effect Andromeda and multiple Star Wars project in Developer Diary showcases with very much early game footage. This seem troublesome for Mass Effect as it is expected in early 2017. Given what a Mass Effect game is not showing anything that resembles a final product makes it looks like the game needs at least another year to finish. Wouldn't surprise me if it became a 2018 title.

                If you look at it EA has five games in this conference that are capable of release within the next 12 months for an hour long conference. They might have been better off shortening the show to 30 mins and just showed those five games. The last bit of weirdness from this show was the announcement that Titanfall 2 will launch one week after Battlefield 1 releases which makes little sense.

                Trailers of interest:

                Full show starting at 40:40

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