• Atlus Announces Persona 5 For Playstation 3, Coming Winter 2014

                Earlier today, Atlus held their big Persona event. After much anticipation, three games were shown at the special event. The first game shown was Persona Q for the Nintendo 3DS. The next game is a new updated version of Persona 4 Arena. Then came a Persona 4 related dancing game for PS Vita.

                At the end of the event, the video below was shown.

                Finally Persona fans! Persona 5 gets officially announced by Atlus and with a release date and platform. That being the Playstation 3 in Winter 2014.

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                1. AC!D's Avatar
                  AC!D -
                  Oh thank God i thought the Suplex Deluxe Persona Golden was the main announcement for PS3!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
                1. Chris Metal's Avatar
                  Chris Metal -
                  Hah, neogaf was in despair
                1. AC!D's Avatar
                  AC!D -
                  Quote Originally Posted by Chris Metal View Post
                  Hah, neogaf was in despair
                  They trolled us good though! I honestly thought that was it!
                1. curryking1's Avatar
                  curryking1 -
                  So there are two games?

                  I bet Diresu is gonna love it when he sees this :P
                1. frosty's Avatar
                  frosty -
                  A little disappointing they didn't put it on PS4, since by winter of next year my PS3 likely won't even be hooked up anymore, but still cool none the less.
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