• New 3DS Trailers Shown In Latest Nintendo Direct Japan Broadcast

                Several 3DS games were showcased in the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast that occurred earlier in Japan. This being held by Nintendo of Japan, all games shown are only confirmed for release in Japan.

                More trailers and footage of upcoming 3DS titles can be viewed at the Nintendo Direct website.

                Project X Zone [3DS]

                Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 [NDS] (Coming to America in Fall 2012)

                Guild 01 [3DS]

                Etrian Odyssey 4 [3DS]

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                1. OmniStalgic's Avatar
                  OmniStalgic -
                  lol...that capcom sega namco x-up looks awesome....
                1. Viper's Avatar
                  Viper -
                  We've known they were working on a 3 company crossover for several months now but have only recently started to know the characters and now we know the game genre. After seeing the trailer though....the wait, so worth it.
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