• Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Coming April 25

                During the April 21 broadcast of Nintendo Direct for Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed details on the next major 3DS firmware update.

                Scheduled to happen on April 25, the firmware update will grant 3DS users the ability to better organize their HOME menu by making folders. Folders can be made in the HOME menu and will be able to hold 60 icons of software. Users will also be able to name folders however they want. With lots of icons beginning to fill up the HOME screen of many 3DS users, this will certainly be a useful option.

                The firmware update will also enable 3DS games to receive patches or game updates. These updates will be available on the Nintendo eShop and will need to be downloaded and then applied to the game. The first 3DS games to be patched are Mario Kart 7, New Love Plus, and Kingdom Hearts 3D for Japan. Publishers will be making announcements on when updates are available for their games.

                Iwata went on to announce that the Mario Kart 7 patch will be available in May. The upcoming will fix shortcut issues that occurred during online play.

                Nintendo of America has confirmed that the next 3DS firmware update will also be happening on April 25 for American 3DS handhelds.

                Source: Nintendo Direct, Andriasang, NOA Twitter
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                1. Viper's Avatar
                  Viper -
                  Folders....YES. It's a simple thing yet oh so desired.

                  It was already a damn good UI but lacking folders held it back once you started collecting a lot of downlaodable titles. Especially having picked up 20 from the Ambassador program. Organization was just given a major boost.

                  I'm split on patches. I like the idea they can fix a major flaw but I hope it doesn't make studios lazy with their Q/A as has been the case for many over the past few years.
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