• Rumor: Prey 2 Possibly Cancelled

                Reports are coming out that next week Bethesda will announce the cancellation of Prey 2. Through twitter, Bethesda say they have no comment on the news. Also adding to the rumor a talk by the Prey 2 team at GDC were cancels weeks before the event.

                Source: PS Focus
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                1. Luis's Avatar
                  Luis -
                  A portal-less Prey game isn't a Prey game.
                1. D3adcell's Avatar
                  D3adcell -
                  I thought this was almost completed. Would be like half life dreamcast getting canned again.
                1. Newboi's Avatar
                  Newboi -
                  This game looked extremely promising! I hope this news isn't true.
                1. solidsnakejej's Avatar
                  solidsnakejej -
                  Game has been delayed for quality reasons.
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