• A Butthurt Perspective of the Changing Gaming Industry

                Satirical title alert! The gaming industry has gone through many changes, but to people like me who grew up playing video games, the inner elitist comes out and we sound like an old man saying "You young kids don't know NOTHING about trying to save Aeris!" Are we just selfish? Are we right or wrong? Or are we just butthurt! Probably the latter, and I don't care! I deserve to be! Speaking of me, let's find out more about me.

                I started getting into video gaming when I was approximately three or four years old, and thanks to a life without drugs and alcohol, I can completely remember playing video games that were released way back in 1996. A majority of it was shovelware drivel, but I did own the classics games as well. Throughout my very abbreviated life, I've possessed an NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Gameboy, Playstation 3, PC, Xbox 360, and a Nintendo Wii. Despite my particularly younger age, I'm just as "old school" as the gamers in their mid-twenties and thirties. If you were to take precious time and discussed games from many years ago, I'd completely be aware of what you're inferring towards. I got into gaming simply by intently watching my older brothers mash buttons as they immersed themselves into a virtual universe. My mother once played video games in her youth as well and I guess I just began to follow suit.

                "Go sit, son. Mommy's got to save the land of Hyrule from the evil grips of Ganon."

                Since I've been diligently involved with so many gaming consoles throughout my life, I can't really speak of having a favorite video game. Well at least not certainly speak of one. I can label some video game software that I did enjoy quantitatively though. When I was younger, I really appreciated the existence of Super Mario World. Lots of people may outright disagree with this, but I personally believe Super Mario World to be the best Super Mario game. In my eyes, Super Mario World was what Ocarina of Time was to the entire Legend of Zelda franchise. I view Super Mario 64 as a sort of a spiritual 3D sucessor to Super Mario World. Another title I really enjoyed was Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and I will admit, I'm somewhat anticipating the release of Sonic: Generations. The Blue Blur is not what he use to be, and I really think Generations may bring him back to his pure and original standards. I was heavily entertained by Capcom's beat-em-up, Final Fight. Sorry Haggar, but Guy was my favorite brawler. He was just so young, agile, and more attractive than you, and quicker! Oh, here's another Capcom title, Knights of the Round. People aren't precisely knowledgeable of this game's existence, but the impact it had on me was substantial. To this very day, I still wish Capcom would remake this game. It was just so lovely. During it's time, it had the most advanced level up system I had ever gazed eyes upon. Killer Instinct is undoubtedly on that "Remake" list as well. I adored all of the Donkey Kong Country games, because straightforwardly speaking; it was Rareware back in their prime. Back before Microsoft bought them out and completely ruined them (My opinion of course). What other title? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time! I can't even tell you how many hours I've logged into that game playing with my younger cousin. I really miss cooperative play in video games. What use to be a norm, is now just an infrequent novelty. The high definition remake of Turtles in Time Ubisoft developed a few years ago, I give two thumbs and two big toe thumbs down. It just wasn't the same experience I once witnessed as a knee-high child. I attribute my disapproval of the title because the awesome music was absent. I'm all for remixes of classic songs in high definition remakes, but when you throw out the original music and replace it with tasteless techno music, I'm reluctant to give it a chance. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is another prime example of that. Then again, the strange physics didn't do it justice either. I just love feeling completely nostalgic. Next game! Goldeneye, nuff said. There are so many more titles I thoroughly enjoyed as a little child, but I believe that's enough to speak of.

                "T-T-Too much. C-C-Cannot compute."
                Nowadays, I enjoy many games, but they don't give off the same thrilling effect as they once did. I try to steer clear of the oversaturated and generic first person shooter genre, but I do occasionally log some of my time into a Call of Duty title. Okay, the Rainbow Six games are really good too. I've been logging quite a few hours into Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 playing well into 2 in the morning. Well, I guess the Rainbow Six titles fit perfectly into what I just said above. Cooperative play. Primarily, I've always been an action, adventure, and platforming fan, so games like The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, Super Mario Galaxy, and even the Lord of the Rings titles are very welcome in my gaming console software library. Now since I'm rereading that previous sentence, I could assumedly conclude that I am a fanatic of the action role-playing gaming genre. I am unconditionally captivated by gaming mechanics that heavily involve leveling up and actually making me feel like I've accomplished something important. Nowadays, games are just too straightforward for my liking. I understand the technology is now there, but having a gung-ho Michael Bay style video game isn't entirely necessary. Entire stories are laid out in front of you with the persistent use of in-game cinematics. Video games are attempting a little too intently to imitate Hollywood blockbuster films and are now utilizing too many cliched aesthetics. I want to be in control of the game. The way it's suppose to be! If you give players an option to skip a cutscene, then that just tells me the cutscenes shouldn't be in there in the first place, in my opinion. To me, it means they don't really serve too much of a purpose from the beginning. What happened to the times when you had to quest for hidden items that would then later tell you more about the game's story or a background of specific characters. For crying out loud, video games don't even contain character biographies anymore! I would diligently peruse the contents of character biographies. It's almost like we've taken a step backwards in video games. It's getting to the point where video games aren't even video games anymore. They're interactive movies where you hardly control your on-screen character. It's just one big cutscene cinematic. I'm aware the game I'm about to mention is "Critically Acclaimed," and I'll probably get some backlash for even murmuring the title, but I really don't like Heavy Rain. I can't immerse myself into a game like that, and I've tried numerous times. I need some sense of control!

                "You heard me! Put the controller down and watch a movie instead. Same thing! No controller!"
                There's many aspects of gaming I wish were still readily available for my disposal. So what do I miss about gaming? I miss the whopping boxes PC games use to come in. Honestly, they were huge for no reason whatsoever. I miss gaming manuals. I assume I may be the only gamer out there that still reads their gaming manual in its entirety before playing the game for the first time. Back in old gaming manuals you wouldn't just get the controls of the game in there, you got character bios, item bios, and even some tips on how to defeat specific enemies. Nowadays, you have to fork over 20 bucks for a strategy guide to get that kind of information. I miss my old Doom floppy disc. It was awesome because it was red, and red is my favorite color, and it was a fantastic game. I also miss my Diablo floppy disc. Just thinking back on it, floppy discs were so useless. You could save only like one Microsoft Word document file on them and that was about it. That's another story though. I miss arcades. Every time I went to the mall, I would make sure I was loaded up on some quarters to delve myself into some arcade games. I always avoided the House of the Dead aisle because I use to be terribly petrified of that game. All of the arcades in my area are now closed down, tore down, or morphed into some hipster-esque retail clothing store.

                "It's sad just looking at."

                I miss when developers actually cared about developing a nice and engaging single-player campaign. Now online is the main focus of almost all games and we can thank the "MLG Pro" players for this notion. What I also miss about gaming is when people didn't care about what console someone else was playing on. If you owned a Sega Genesis and your friend owned a SNES, while your other friend was jamming out on the PC, there was no scrutiny and pointless confrontations going on between any of you. In today's society, there's just a strong divide between people who own different consoles. Who cares if someone owns a Wii and not a PS3 or Xbox 360 (or the other way around), if that's the console that makes that person happy, then let them be happy with it. People focus far too much on system power equaling quality.

                This whole hardcore VS casual debate needs to die out. Possessing a plethora of rated M titles doesn't make you any more "hardcore" than someone with a plethora of rated T and E titles. I could easily get my mother to play a Grand Theft Auto game and have her enjoy it. Does that mean she's a "hardcore" gamer? Absolutely not. And if I get her to play Nintendogs, does that make her a casual gamer? No. But what if I managed to get her to play Nintendogs for countless hours of the day with her coming back to it numerous times because she's addicted to it and just HAS to play it? Does that make her hardcore now? Can't answer that one, can you? That's why we need to do away with the arbitrary labels and just play games to have fun and not to earn bragging rights. This may sound rough, but death to fanboys!

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                1. OmniStalgic's Avatar
                  OmniStalgic -
                  I don't have time to read this...but I will...and I'm sure I will have just as much to say on the subjects
                1. Otacon305's Avatar
                  Otacon305 -
                  Abruptly ran out of steam at the end there, no?
                1. Crazybone126's Avatar
                  Crazybone126 -
                  Quote Originally Posted by Otacon305 View Post
                  Abruptly ran out of steam at the end there, no?
                  Nope. It just needed to be ended before I caused some disturbed teen to kill themselves.
                1. AC!D's Avatar
                  AC!D -
                  Sometimes i wonder why i dont feel the same way as you guys on here. At least one game every second or so month blows me away and gives me that feeling you guys seem to miss from younger days. I wonder are you guys just jaded? Maybe too nostalgic and will i be like this soon??? Hell i hope not because im loving gaming. My favourite genre is probably the RPG and with each new gen ( Although lets be honest this one was tough for RPG devs to adapt too because of the massive resolution jump compared with devs in other genres ) it gets closer to achieving even more realistic, dynamic and open worlds that are full of possibilities, choices and exploration which i would classify as the demographic where i belong. I also remember the days in the arcade and the excitment i got when pocket money day came to get a new game. Look for a different feeling whether its playing a game of Mario with your sons and daughters for the first time or dancing like a spaz with your wife/GF in Dance central. Those moments are still there and maybe in another ten years you guys will finally be looking fondly on them as you are now on the memories from ten years ago. Find the fun in games guys and stop looking for what could have been and enjoy the now
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