• Sorcery Pushed Back to December 2012?

                Ever since the PlayStation Move exclusive "Sorcery" was shown, it has generated a lot of hype, as being one of the only core "Move-only" titles shown. Move has been criticized a lot for the fact that many of it's games are patches to older games or newer games launching with Move control only being an option, not a requirement for playing. Many have been asking for experiences built from the ground up to take full advantage of the motion controller.

                However, after Sorcery was shown off earlier this year, it disappeared off the map. Nobody has been able to nail down a firm release date for the game, which originally was slated to launch later this year. However, a trip to the PlayStation Press Center site (A site where Sony posts information and media related to it's games for journalists to download for their sites.) revealed a release date for the game that we haven't heard before. See the screen below:

                It is possible that this is just a projected release date, however if the date in the above image is to be believed, we have over a year to wait before we can begin casting spells with our Move controllers. This may explain why we have not heard much about the game lately. None the less, better they take their time and get it right than rush out an incomplete product.

                Let us know what you think about the possible delay by commenting below!
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                1. Coded-Dude's Avatar
                  Coded-Dude -
                  most anticipated PS3 Move title....and no info since E3 2010. I am disappointed.
                1. Segitz's Avatar
                  Segitz -
                  I wouldn't say "most anticipated" but "only". And by that I mean that this is the only Move-only title that bares any resemblance to a real game.
                1. Coded-Dude's Avatar
                  Coded-Dude -
                  what about heroes on the move?
                1. Segitz's Avatar
                  Segitz -
                  It's more or less a minigame collection, from what i saw... so no dice.
                1. Coded-Dude's Avatar
                  Coded-Dude -
                  The last update was from the developer: The Workshop

                  FEB 11: Sorcery
                  Development for "Sorcery" is in full-swing. We're really excited on the progress so far.

                  from the looks of their updates that is Feb 2011, not Feb 11th
                1. frosty's Avatar
                  frosty -
                  heroes on the move was terrible, just a waggle fest. this looked like it had a lot more substance. I do wanna see zindagi's new game too.
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