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                Editor's Note: The 25th Anniversary for Super Mario Bros. has come and gone and Nintendo helped celebrate the event by releasing a limited edition of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii. This Wii-release of the SNES game was very well-received and copies of the game we're eventually sold out in stores nationwide. Now Nintendo is set to release one last shipment of this limited release on March 13, 2011 due to popular demand. So as a means of a belated celebration for the event, I present to you Nintendo Now's review of Super Mario All-Stars for Wii.
                When you think about video games, it's hard to not think about Nintendo's beloved mascot, Mario. So when the plumber's 25th Anniversary comes, people will take notice. Nintendo's way of acknowledging it is by releasing Super Mario All-Stars, originally for the Super Nintendo(SNES), onto the Nintendo Wii. And along with it, a Super Mario compilation CD and booklet. It's a pretty appealing package for any hardened Super Mario fan. The complete package comes in a nicely presented cardboard box, and is priced at the budget price of $29.99.

                Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition
                Publisher: Nintendo
                Developer: Nintendo
                Genre: 2-D Platformer
                Release Date: December 12, 2010; Final Shipment - March 13, 2011
                Price: $29.99
                ESRB Rating: E
                Players: 1-2

                The original Super Mario All-Stars is a compilation of Mario's big hits that were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES). You'll get the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3. Aside from an improvement in graphics, these games play exactly like the originals. In this updated Wii release, it plays and looks exactly like its SNES counterpart. A slight change has been added, and that's just the inclusion of Wii remote support. So you won't need a Classic Controller or Gamecube Controller to play the game, unlike your usual SNES Virtual Console title. Though you can use those controller options if you choose to. And it plays much like you expect if you've already experienced the titles on their original formats, be it on NES or SNES.

                As a game, Super Mario All-Stars is a great compilation. Each one of the included four games are great on their own, so having them all in one package is always a treat. However, it's hard to look past the fact that this is basically a SNES game packaged onto a Wii disc. You can't help but feel that Nintendo could have put forward more effort in adding more. For example, Super Mario World would have been a fantastic inclusion, and it actually found itself being bundled with Super Mario All-Stars at some point in the SNES life cycle. And regardless of how it ranks against other Super Mario titles, Super Mario Sunshine was still a great game and I'm sure many would have jumped all over a "New Play Control!" version of the game. Nintendo could have gone many ways with this 25th Anniversary, so just a straight port of Super Mario All-Stars feels pretty underwhelming, especially for the most iconic video game character.

                There is more than just the game though. A special booklet and CD featuring looks at past Mario games certainly does sound promising. Unfortunately, these were a disappointment as well. The booklet was quite nostalgic to look through, and it was fun checking out the history of Mario and viewing various concept art from all the games. There's also little messages tied to each game that were provided by The Father of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as Takashi Tezuka, and Koji Kondo. However, these come in the form of short one to two sentences and don't share as much insight as any fan would like. It's a nice treat to have, but it once again feels like not enough was done with it.

                The CD also suffers from this same problem. You'll get a total of 20 tracks on the CD, but you'll soon realize that half of them are mere sound effects that last for only a second or two. The actual music tracks that you do get range from the original Super Mario to the more recent Super Mario Galaxy 2. You're only treated to one theme from each game though, so you'll be missing out on some very classic tunes. This especially goes for Super Mario Galaxy 2, which had awesome music, but in this CD you only get to listen to the music found in the trailers.

                In the end though, this is one Mario fan who couldn't stay disappointed. Playing through these classics again is still fun, and this is a great opportunity to get the new generation of gamers to check out some of the greatest games ever created. This is a limited edition package as well, so this isn't something that will stick around for much longer. Nintendo could have certainly done things much better, but I'll gladly take whatever I can get. Not the best way to do it, but definitely not the worst either. Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii is a great addition to any Wii library, and if you're even slightly interested in purchasing this, I'd recommend you just go ahead and jump on it. Since I feel better having it, despite having my complaints, rather than feeling regret for not picking it up.

                Grade: B-

                The Good
                - Super Mario All-Stars is still fun
                - Neat package
                - Budget priced

                The Bad
                - Felt underwhelming overall
                - Half of CD soundtrack are sound effects
                - Super Mario World should have been included
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