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06-02-2008, 04:33 PM
Very interesting =D be awesome if it happens.

3D Blu-Ray, even on PS3 via a single firmware update ? An interesting technology, that decided us to interview Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO & President of TDVision Systems. First, he explained us the technology behind the famous TDVCodec :

"We're in the process to enable the PlayStation 3 to playback 3D movies using our TDVCodec and Blu-ray discs at our R&D labs since the PS3 is enabled with the BD2.0 version. Currently we have it working on a PC in 3D and after some changes on the firmware and installing some software for the PS3 we'll be playing 3D directly form the PS3.

Movies can be either computer generated in stereoscopic 3D (Polar Express) or the U2 Concert. Those were not originally created or recorded with our technology but we just need to re-encode them. After we re-encode them with our TDVCodec in step 2 then they are ready to be seen in 3D at home where available, or in 2D where not.

The objective (and what we are talking to major studios) is to encode their existing and new 3D stereoscopic content with our TDVCodec and have the movies available in every-shop everywhere in the world since one single Blu-ray disc encoded with our format has the 2D and the 3D version and can be played back in 2D over existing 2D platforms and in 3D where the platform is available as shown in steps 4 and 5 (PC or PS3 with our firmware update and a Samsung / Mitsibishi / Kerner / TDVisor / Hundai monitor is connected)

We are working very hard on our technology lobbying, having the TDVCodec to be a standard for 3D Blu-ray movies as part of the SMPTE, MPEG, ATSC and Blu-ray organizations and we are seeking for the studios support to adopt our format since we are the only 3D-2D compatible format, all the other 3D technologies ARE NOT compatible with existing 2D infrastructures unless you acquire some expensive additional hardware, if you don't have that then you will not be able to see the 2D version of the movie, leading to double cost of mfg. by having a 2D release and a 3D release, double distribution, and they all cut the resolution by half!, we don't, we provide the best 2D and 3D experience by just having a firmware update or by using our software, that's what makes us so different and that's what has been creating all this buzz around our technology and getting the attention of Hollywood studios and Consumer Electronics manufacturers.

We have some confidential content in our labs right now, we can not disclose the titles or the names of the studios, you will see them before the end of the year and I can not disclose the names of the titles at this moment. When I get authorization for a public release of information I'll be glad to let you know.

We were demoing some impressive trailers of those movies at NAB2008 in 3D using the Samsung and our TDVisor under non-disclosure agreement, that's all I can say by now, I hope this helps.

One side note: The www.AlterSpace.us website is under construction, you will see today the previous version of our website.

The AlterSpace.us website will be a 3D stereoscopic depot or storehouse, there you will find:
- 3D videos encoded with our TDVCodec
- 3D Videogames
- 3D photographs
- 3D environments for our AlterSpace
- Our TDVSuite software downloads for PlayStation and PC: DejaView, AlterSpace, TDVCodec filters, dlls, official drivers and wrapper drivers.

All this content will be divided in Free and PayPerView."

. We asked him a few questions more :

P3L : In order to playback 3D movies on the PS3, will it need a firmware change and a special software, or just a firmware change ?

Manuel R. : firmware change only

P3L : With the PS3, we'll only be able to playback 3D Blu-Ray, or 3D DVDs ?

Manuel R. : Both, we have 3DBlu-ray and we have 3DDVD too with our same encoder.

P3L : To view the movie in 3D, we need a special TV. Any special glasses too ?

Manuel R. : You can use the 3D TV from Samsung (both RPTV DLP or the their newer Plasma), Mitsubishi, Kerner electronics, IZ3D Monitor and Hundai. The DLP based TVs work under shutter glasses (by blocking the left and right eye alternatively) Kerner, IZ3D and Hundai use polarization glasses.

P3L : Do you have a date for the release of this technology on PS3 ? 2008, 2009,... ?

Manuel R. : coming soon in 2008 having our logo or any of the following phrases : "in 3D where available by TDVision", "in TDVision where available", "TDVReady".

Source (http://www.play3-live.com/news-ps3-films-blu-ray-en-3d-entretien-avec-tdvision-8435-p2.html)

06-02-2008, 05:55 PM
Don't you need a special TV for these?
Fuck that if you do, I don't even have a proper HDTV yet.

Still, pretty cool I guess.

06-02-2008, 06:28 PM
Don't you need a special TV for these?
Fuck that if you do, I don't even have a proper HDTV yet.

Still, pretty cool I guess.

Special television set or glasses. ;)

06-02-2008, 06:32 PM
P3L : To view the movie in 3D, we need a special TV