View Full Version : NR2003 down but not out

08-17-2007, 04:04 PM
Yesterday, was a bad day for me. Because Sierra/Vivendi pulled the plug on the #1 NASCAR Sim game for PC. (NASCAR Racing Season 2003) They shut down the online multiplayer feature. What gets me is, we had 400-500 people online every night even after they discontinued the game. Its still selling on ebay for $100 a piece. Even real NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin, Mark Truex Jr., and Carl Edwards races on it. Without even being to the Pocono before, Denny Hamlin used the game to practice it. He ended up, winning the pole and the race. The first time he goes there.

The game will live on thru direct ip races, but I still don't understand why a game company would leave us hanging. We have a petition going, with over 2000 signatures. Even after a mod from the vivendi forums, sent them constant messages. They haven't said a word about the petition, or the constant flood of people calling them, going to there forum and say don't shut it down, and also the emails. Alot of people have vowed not to buy another Vivendi game, because the way they are acting. I understand why they may of done it, use the servers for other games. But for them to just ignore us. Thats what got me pissed off!!!

by the way, heres my current car I'm racing with: