View Full Version : game videos on wide screen?

05-19-2005, 02:21 PM
I'm curious how downloading game video advertisements or trailers for
upcoming games is going to work.

These systems can support huge resolutions like 1920 by 1240 pixels or there abouts.

How exactly big is a 30 second high quality video at this size? I'm thinking hundreds of megabytes in
size. The internet still is quite fast enough to support this is it?

Or will the file be downloaded in the background and once its ready and your at the main screen it will be available for viewing.

Considering how huge advertising is, if advertisers want to to Adveritse on for instance Xbox Live! and i'm sure they will,
we could be seeing constant commercial downloading round the clock of our new consoles.

Or will they use streaming: what is the bit rate for a streamed video using 1920 by 1250 resolution: 1 meg a second.

I might be disappointed if on a 40 inch wide screen tv when a new level for a game is advertised it shows up using only a 10 by 10 inch block in
the center of my screen.

your thoughts.

05-19-2005, 04:17 PM
I bet they'll support the new HD quicktime codec from Apple, H.264. Check this out. Not sure if it's out for PC yet, but it should be within a week or two. I checked it on our mac, and it is amazing!! Full screen HD without an pixelation, only 15-20 mb a minute (I think). Totally awesome.