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05-12-2005, 07:05 PM
Samsung, Microsoft Ink HD Xbox Marketing Deal

By Steve Smith -- TWICE, 5/9/2005

NEW YORK— Microsoft has selected Samsung as the exclusive HDTV worldwide marketing partner for the next-generation Xbox high-definition (HD) gaming platform.

The announcement was made during media day at the Home Entertainment Expo at the New York Hilton, which was held from April 29-May 1.

As part of this marketing deal, both companies will install over 25,000 Samsung HDTVs in Microsoft Xbox retail kiosks worldwide, with half that total budgeted for the United States. The new 23-inch Samsung LCD TV (LNR238W) will be paired at retail with the new Xbox console which offers a super-fast 12-millisecond pixel-switching speed and enable “intense action while overcoming any motion artifacts,” the companies said.

Both companies did say that there is no plan to bundle these products at retail, but that this is just the first of several joint marketing efforts between the two companies.

The global marketing and promotional alliance between Microsoft and Samsung Electronics will include cinema, POS, television, print, online and various other media efforts, with further details becoming available in coming months.

Microsoft's first high-definition game will incorporate Samsung-branded products as well as instances of Samsung's logo as part of the overall HD gaming experience. This will mark the first time Microsoft incorporates a consumer electronics technology partner with the Xbox console and games, the companies noted.

In commenting on the deal, Peter Weedfald, senior VP, consumer electronics and North America corporate marketing for Samsung Electronics America, said, “Gaming has become a primary force for innovation in the entertainment and technology industries” and called Microsoft's HD Xbox “the best next-generation game console and a key driver in the global HDTV revolution.”

Details on the next-generation Xbox were scant from Edward Bland, global marketing general manager of Microsoft's home and entertainment division for Xbox, explaining that its major introduction will be held at the E3 show in Los Angeles the week of May 16. But he did note that “no decision has been made as yet for a blue-laser format” for Xbox. Bland noted that “either Blu-ray or HD DVD would be acceptable” and that the next-generation Xbox would be “extendable” in that area. Weedfald added that Samsung has also not selected a blue-laser format as of yet.

Source (http://www.variety.com/index.asp?layout=upsell_article&articleID=VR111792 2513&categoryID=18&cs=1)

Let's just say I told you so. It explains now why Sony and Toshiba are trying to cover up the possibility that the two formats will be unified, exactly what I was predicting before.

the legendary ice man
05-12-2005, 07:13 PM
But isn't BluRay a Sony thing?

05-12-2005, 07:14 PM
i was sorta predicting this would happen aswell, im pretty sure Microsoft wont make up their mind untill the last minute. Kinda when Sony came up for the price of the PSP. Just minutes b4 Allard come on stage or something. This all depends on what happens with Toshiba And Sony,

Will they hit or miss...

05-12-2005, 07:57 PM
But isn't BluRay a Sony thing?

It doesn't matter. In an interview awhile ago before Sony and Toshiba thought about a unifiying their formats, the interviewer ask one of the guys behind Blu Ray what did they think about Microsoft adopting the Blu Ray format, and they said that Microsoft never called. That is a clear hint that if Microsoft was to call them, they would have allowed Microsoft to use the format so that they could penetrate the market a lot faster. You forget, only SCEI is competing with Microsoft's game division (not SONY).