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10-07-2004, 03:53 PM
<P><STRONG>Nintendo </STRONG>has played a few of their proverbial cards, unveiling details on many of their big upcoming first-party titles.&nbsp; All of the games below are scheduled for release sometime in 2005, with the obvious exceptions of <EM>Super Mario 64 DS, Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt&nbsp;</EM>and <EM>PictoChat.</EM></P>
<P><EM>Super Mario 64 DS - </EM>SM64 is invading Nintendo's new handheld system, complete with fresh new functunality designed to take advantage of the portable's touch, dual screen and wireless capabilties.&nbsp; Besides Mario, eager players may now take Luigi, Yoshi and Wario on a wild romp through the Mushroom Kingdom, playing through the game in it's original single-player mode.&nbsp; Conversely, players may choose to take a jaunt through Adventure mode, engage in some mini-games or go head-to-head with up to three buddys using the wire-free Versus mode - which requires only one DS cartridge to engage in!</P>
<P><EM>Metroid Prime Hunters:&nbsp; First Hunt - </EM>This exclusive, pack-in demo of the full <EM>Hunters </EM>title allows gamers to test their battle prowess against their friends in Death Match levels&nbsp;via wireless play, or to get a taste of the explosive single-player campaign.&nbsp; Touch screen control should not be a problem,&nbsp;with multiple control schemes providing a way to play that should suit any gamer's taste.&nbsp; </P>
<P><EM>PictoChat - </EM>This built-in wireless chat program allows DS owners to keep in touch with friends by allowing hand-written words or doodles to be inputted onto the DS touch screen and then sent to the DS-toting target in question.&nbsp; Additional functionality allows gamer's to copy a friend's message, edit it as they see fit, and send it right back.&nbsp; Ah, the wonders of technology!</P>
<P><EM>Another </EM>(working title) - In this exclusive DS adventure title, gamer's are challenged to unveil clues that will lead to the uncovering of a family's painful mystery.&nbsp; The game's puzzles will require adept use of both the touch screen and the microphone.</P>
<P><EM>Advance Wars DS </EM>(working title)&nbsp;- <EM>Advance Wars</EM>, the well-known and celebrated strategy title for the Game Boy Advance (and soon to be GameCube), explodes onto the DS complete with a new battle system designed around the handheld's dual screens - players can now command ground and air forces simultaneously, on two separate screens!&nbsp; Additional game modes include the brand new "Combat" and "Survival", as well as, you guessed it, a wireless&nbsp;versus mode.&nbsp;</P>
<P><EM>One-Line Puzzle </EM>(working title) -&nbsp;This new stylized puzzle game requires the player to use nothing but the touch screen and the stylus.&nbsp; Three different game modes and a multiplayer wireless mode should make this puzzler, although simplistic in nature, an attractive title.&nbsp;</P>
<P><EM>Jam With The Band </EM>(working title) - A new DS-specific title in the vein of the recent GameCube hit <EM>Donkey Konga</EM>, this game will test your musical skills by challenging you to grab that stylus, select a song and interact with the moving dots on the touch screen with exact precision and timing.&nbsp; The creation of original compositions is supported by allowing gamers to hum into the DS' microphone, and as many as eight people can get down together in a crazy multiplayer session that requires only one game card.</P>
<P><EM>Puppy Times </EM>(working title) - The title once known as <EM>Nintendogs</EM> will delight players by allowing them to raise three different little pups; the game revolves around teaching your puppies tricks via speaking into the microphone.&nbsp; Over time, your pets will respond to your voice commands.&nbsp; <EM>Puppy Times</EM> is also set to include some form of wireless play.</P>
<P><EM>Yoshi's Touch &amp; Go </EM>(working title) - Once known as <EM>Balloon Trip</EM>, this title features the irresistible team of Baby Mario and Yoshi; players will use Yoshi and the DS' touch screen to keep Baby Mario secure and safe from enemies.&nbsp; For example, on levels with a vertical, "climbing" theme, gamers must draw clouds to create a path for the upward ascent of the duo.&nbsp; As an additional feature, <EM>Yoshi's Touch &amp; Go </EM>supports two-player wireless action.</P>
<P><EM>WarioWare, Inc. DS </EM>(working title) - <EM>WarioWare's </EM>DS iteration will offer up over 180 brand-new minigames sure to delight any gamer.&nbsp; Each "microgame" will feature the frenetic action we've all come to know and love, except each game now sports touch screen functionality - some games will even feature microphone capability!</P>
<P><STRONG>Nintendo </STRONG>surely seems to be offering up the DS goods; NNOW will keep our faithful readers up-to-date on any developments on their robust upcoming lineup.</P>

10-07-2004, 04:14 PM
Great! I can't wait for more info!

10-07-2004, 04:16 PM
^You have to be the most prolific 2 post member we have, hehe.

Great line up and I hear it's almost equaled by 3rd parties.

10-07-2004, 05:53 PM
Thats a great line up, can't wait to see what the 3rd parties have to offer.

10-07-2004, 08:25 PM
I just watched a clip of Hunters and Mario 64 DS.

Woah......I repeat....woah

Hunters moved very fast and looked great. I saw Yoshi eat a bomb from the big bomb omb on the hill and spit it back at him.