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09-27-2004, 12:11 AM
i watched the XBox e3 conference just a bit ago cause i was really bored and J. Allard kept talking about this thing called XNA and i was just wondering what that was. Is it the next xbox or what?

09-27-2004, 12:41 AM
Taken from Microsoft Website

Q: What is Microsoft XNA?
A: Microsoft XNA is a powerful next generation development platform that equips developers to deliver breakthrough games while combating rising production costs and ever-increasing hardware complexity. It integrates new and existing tools and technologies from Microsoft and its partners so that developers can make better games faster. Video games on future iterations of all Microsoft game platforms-including Windows, Xbox, and Windows mobile-based devices -can be powered by tools and technologies from the XNA development platform.

Q: What will Microsoft XNA do?
A: Microsoft XNA is an industry-wide initiative, and will be the basis for a software ecosystem where developers, tool makers and middleware providers profit and flourish by delivering better games faster. XNA arms developers to better cope with skyrocketing development costs, elevated consumer expectations and a growing list of feature requirements. XNA lets developers focus on game design, instead of writing mundane, repetitive boilerplate code.

Q: What does Microsoft XNA offer gamers?
A: Better games, better experiences, faster. Microsoft XNA lays the groundwork for enhanced, more unified experiences, including a common controller that can be shared between the Windows PC and Xbox.

Q: What does Microsoft XNA offer developers?
A: Microsoft XNA lets developers spend less time constructing and more time focusing on game creation. Microsoft XNA will:

- Enable developers to turn innovation into impact
- Help contain skyrocketing development costs
- Open up cross-device development opportunities
- Make it easier to make blockbuster games because Microsoft XNA is based on familiar development tools
- Allow game developers to focus on game design and spend less time fighting hardware complexity
- Enable life-like graphics, sound and movement
- Enable developers to design for Windows and Xbox simultaneously

Q: Why is Microsoft XNA needed right now?
A: Developers are demanding a better way to make games. They're inspired to deliver on new ideas but they're also limited by technology, tradeoffs, tight schedules and price tags. As a result, development costs are soaring while profit margins for developers shrink. The XNA software development platform makes working with cutting edge hardware easier, allowing developers to focus on game design, not "nuts and bolts" boilerplate coding.

Q: Does Microsoft XNA mean added costs for game developers?
A: No. XNA does not change the way that developers get tools from Microsoft today. The existing process for developers to get access to both the DirectX SDK and the Xbox XDK will remain the same. Costs for Microsoft XNA technology, tools, services and support will be the same as always. Microsoft XNA allows developers to put their money where it matters-making great games.

Q: Will Microsoft XNA drive the next generation Xbox or the next generation of Windows?
A: We believe fundamentally that SOFTWARE will define the next-generation. That's what XNA is all about. XNA is our next generation development platform that will drive games on a wide range of platforms. A focus on software provides continual innovation; we started that when we brought DirectX and Visual Studio from Windows with this generation of Xbox and with XNA we are taking that to the next level.

Q: What tools do developers get with XNA?
A: XNA tools will include DirectX and the High-Level Shader Language (HLSL), XACT, PIX and the Xaudio API, in addition to other development tools such as Visual Studio.

Q: Will developers be required to use every XNA tool?
A: All XNA tools are la carte, meaning developers can use the parts and pieces they need to get their job done. These tools will allow developers to focus on writing the code that truly differentiates their games, and stop wasting time writing code just to get the basics up and running.

Q: Is Microsoft XNA the name of the next Xbox?
A: No. Microsoft XNA is the name of Microsoft's new software development platform that dramatically improves the way games are produced.

Q: When is the next generation Xbox shipping?
A: It's too early to announce future-generation Xbox products. That said, Microsoft XNA propels us ahead of Sony in the next-generation games race because the future of gaming is in software, not hardware. At GDC you are seeing some of the early possibilities of what the future will bring. Everything that comes to Windows and Xbox in the years to come is only going to get better and better in our never-ending quest to meet customer expectations and bridge the gap with developer realities

Q: What's the difference between Microsoft's XNA and Sony's Cell?
A: In the next generation, software-not hardware-will drive the games industry forward. Microsoft XNA software brings together chip and OEM partners to ultimately deliver thousands of integrated digital entertainment devices that work together and give consumers choice. Sony is talking about a fixed world of hardware that requires everyone to buy everything Sony. Sony's Cell is a hardware solution. This is a software revolution

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09-27-2004, 12:55 AM
thx outlaw it was confusing the hell out of me lol

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np glad to help