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“The Ultimate Gamer”, a new Spike TV series is searching for outgoing males and females 18-25 years old who are crazy about the videogame “Tony Hawk Underground”. If you are chosen we will send you on a whirlwind tour to meet and hang with the very gods and goddesses of the THUG 2 videogame universe and PIMP OUT YOUR PAD WITH THE ULTIMATE GAMING SYSTEM!

If you live in Southern California, and you consider yourself the Ultimate Gamer, and it is your dream to be part of THUG 2, then show up at an open casting call on
Monday, September 13th at 4 PM. Please bring:

1.Photo of your living room
2.Photo of the outside of your apartment or house

Address: MTV Networks, 2600 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404.

You will be interviewed on videotape and asked to fill out a short questionnaire and release form. Please don't forget to bring photos of your living room and outside of your apartment or house.

Only the first 50 people that show up will be guaranteed a casting interview. Casting call ends promptly at 6 PM.

Also if u go and mention nintendo now forums and gamemilitia.com and u are choosen u will get an extra prize

Flaccid Acid
09-11-2004, 05:59 PM
You are advertising, and spike Tv over hypes everything. besides anything from them about video games has been 100% pure shit. Liek thier spike tv video game awards thing, they showed 5 differn't games, and lest see what won.. Madden, Sol Caliber, Main stream Main stream MAIN STREAM!! And they they showed about 4 differn't bands, about 5 differn't hosts, all of it had 0% to do with video games.

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not interested but still pretty cool contest thingy.

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Spike Tv's VGAs where very bad last year but this year should be very differant. The reason i say that is they sponsored a Gaming website to have its members give feedback on how to make it better. If they listen to the feedback it will be the best award show ever. That is if they listen to it. Below is just what one memeber gave. That is just one member there was about 50+ gamers who gave feedback.

1) Nominations

Game of the Year:

-Tales of Symphonia - GCN:

-Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando/Up Your Arsenal – PS2:

-Ninja Gaiden - XBOX:

-Madden NFL 2005 - XBOX/PS2/GCN:

-Doom III - PC:

Best Action Game:

-Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - GCN:

-Spider-Man 2 – GCN/PS2/XBOX:

-The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - XBOX:

-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow - PS2/XBOX/PC:

-Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando – PS2:

Best Driving Game:

-Need for Speed Underground – GCN/PS2/XBOX

-Project Gotham Racing 2 - XBOX

-Mario Kart Double Dash!! - GCN

-Rallisport Challenge 2 – XBOX

-Gran Turismo 4 - PS2 (????)

Most Addictive Game:

-Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - GCN

-Rise of Nations/Thrones & Patriots - PC:

-Halo 2 - XBOX: (????)

-Spider-Man 2 - GCN/PS2/XBOX

-Need for Speed Underground - GCN/PS2/XBOX

Best PC Game:

-Unreal Tournament 2004:

-Doom 3:

-Far Cry:

-Call of Duty:

-Half-Life 2 (????)

Best Online Game:

-City of Heroes (PC):

-Gran Turismo 4 (PS2): (????)

-Halo 2 - XBOX: (????)

-Unreal Tournament 2004- PC:

-Madden NFL 2005 - XBOX/PS2:

Best Fighting Game:

-Mortal Kombat: Deception - PS2/XBOX (????)

-WWE: Day of Reckoning - GCN (????)

-Def Jam: Fight for NY – PS2/XBOX/GCN (????)

-Guilty Gear X2 #Reload– XBOX (????)

2) What are your ideas to improve or develop a great awards show based on Video Games? What guests would you like to see, performance, hosts, etc.?
I think we are living in a day and age where our youth are growing faster and more mature than ever before. So, I think this year's show needs to be taken more seriously and confidently, with the same maturity of the Grammy Awards and the dazzling flare and comedic style of the MTV Movie Awards. When I say mature, I'm not talking about sexuality..We have more than enough of that on cable TV. We don't need girls in bikinis running around. That's not what the VGAs should be about. I mean, silly and outrageous gags, weird and cliche gimmicks, they've all been done and they can really hurt the show's image. That's why alot of people didn't really respond greatly to last year's show. I think what makes a great awards show is style.

This year's show needs to have a steady gaming theme and stick with it. Whether it's Halo, Doom, whatever, it needs to be a show that doesn't have to remind you of what you're watching; It can't be the kind of show where it's purely there for celebrity and movie plug-ins. It needs to be a show that's entirely videogame decorated. It needs to be an original looking show and a show that'll surely catch the gaming eyes when they're flipping through those stations and doesn't want them to turn the channel for a second. No one likes the same old, hyperactive and predictable award show like the Teen's Choice. To add more flare to the show, I think there should be exclusive game trailers in-between breaks, exclusive sneak peaks at upcoming games and systems like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. There should be home interactivity. Internet contests and giveaways during the show, or even a gaming-battle tournament between celebrities as the show goes on. Anything to keep the show looking fresh and amusing.

What guests would you like to see, performance, hosts, etc.?
Besides originality, this year's VGAs needs new, never-before-seen guest stars or not just the same ones we've seen many times before. There should be a combination of our favorite stars like Ashton Kutcher, Tobey Maguire, Ashlee Simpson or the Wayans Brothers with other guest stars who we haven't been known to be involved in award shows. Well, this is because new and rarely seen faces will always bring in more viewers into watching. Wouldn't it be cool to see Conan O'Brien trying to play Doom 3?..Okay maybe not, but you know where I'm getting at...All in all, the more real gamers the better: Meaning that if this award show is about gaming, we shouldn't have people like Ellen Burstyn and Jackie Chan presenting an award for Best PC Game, , we need guest stars or presenters who actually are gamers themselves and have something to provide to the show from their own experience. It will be nice to see other celebrity gamers sharing their stories and knowing that there is actually more to them than just acting. Being a gamer is almost like being in an exclusive group, and seeing our favorite celebrities being one of us will be a good thing to watch.. We need to see celebrities showing charisma and enthusiasm and look like they actually want to be there,..not just to get their face seen on-camera...The host(s) of this year's VGAs should be a semi-popular icon, not-usually known to host an award show, but someone you'd really enjoy seeing hosting. Someone new to the game. No Lohans, No Spades. How about John Cho and Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle?
Oh!..Not to mention, another interesting addition; We need to see and hear the minds and our famous voices behind the video games! We need to see the publishers, the developers and their friends. We need a few corporations involved; Presidents...ok, maybe vice-presidents, and not just the ones who've been nominated or have won. It'll just be something extra for the hardcore gamers to see. It could really help give the show a bit more prestige.

3) What would be a good second name for the VGA's?

Last year's VGA award label, "The Spikeman" was a comfortable name for the VGA's. Some possible alternate names to be considered could be the "Pads", "The Gold Joystick", "The Bronze Controllers", "The Silver Pad", "The Disc" or the "Bushnell" or the "Dabney" (named for the creators of the first video game). I can definitely add to the Golden/Bronze Controller or Joystick award concept. It’s been a fan favorite in the idea of a joystick as the award look and I think it’s very suiting for an award show about video games (duh). I see the design being a generic controller design, somewhat with a retro layout with a slick handle tilted upwards on a side on top of a flat panel, looking somewhat like the front of a television.

4) What are your ideas to promote the VGA's? Do you have any good ideas that might enhance creditability among us the gamers? We all know mass media, but is there something additional that you think could help?

The Usual; Comedy. Commercials. Creativity. They usually go together really well. There needs a few, good, early-on comedic and memorable tv spots promoting the show. Something that will catch the persons' eye and at the very end, there would be the announcement of the award show coming soon which will give the tv spots the ambiguity it needs. These ads should be on highly teen-rated shows such as WWE wrestling, and on networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, G4TechTV, and TNT. Ad space on local TV networks such as FOX and ABC should be considered. There needs to be online give-a-ways or pre-show contests to promote the show. Contests for trips to the VGAs, winning promo prizes like games, T-shirts, whatever. Anything to get people to watch or get interested into the show. There really shouldn't be a whole lot more done besides the ideas I've mentioned earlier about enhancing creditability of the show. This year's VGAs needs to be all video games. Nothing more, nothing less, and it should stay within it's boundary and it should be just fine.

5) What would get you to watch the awards show?

All of my previous ideas and suggestions would definitely get me to watch, and in short, they were:
-An Original Concept
-A Genuine and Defined Style
-Visually Impressive Video Game-Decorated Show
-Slightly More Mature-Targeted
-More rarely-seen celebrities along with the favorites
-More Nationwide Promotion and
-More Show/Online Interaction

I trust Spike TV will get a good idea from all of us here on how to pull off a good show to please the general audience and video gamers alike for this year's VGA. I'd like to thank those of your who read this VGA Project and I'd like to thank Spike TV and especially GameMilitia for providing the opportunity for us to share our ideas.