View Full Version : if you want EarthBound' to the game cube sigh the petition!!

03-25-2002, 10:28 PM
the petition is at 2178 and they need help if you a fan of this game and would like to help out sigh here (http://www.starmen.net/petition/)

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The Petition:
We here at Starmen.Net intend to make the hopes of the EarthBound/Mother fans known. Regulars of Starmen.Net know that we have done petitions in the past, and that we take them very seriously. Our first petition, the Mother on Game Boy Color Petition, got 1,850 signatures. Our most recent petition, the EarthBound 64 Petition, got 10,013 signatures. We're hoping to break all the barriers once again, as we plan on collecting 30,000 signatures for this petition. Many say we can't do it. We think we can.

So why are we doing this petition? What is it for? What do we hope to accomplish? Recently, there have been rumblings of the Mother 3 project being brought back to life. Obviously, this news is very exciting to us, and we plan on capitalizing on this possibility. You can read about the recent Mother 3 news bits in our Mother 3 section. Unlike our previous petitions, in which we specifically demanded games for certain platforms, we just want to let Nintendo know how much support there is behind this gaming series. We're not making demands, we're not shaking our fists; we just want to let them know that we're here and we're desperate for another Mother game. As for our petition goals, 30,000 signatures is more of a cursory goal than anything; we're (obviously) not going to cut the petition off there if things are still going strong at 30,000 signatures.

The staff of Starmen.Net will be collecting signatures and checking each one by hand in order to assure the validity and decency of this petition. Duplicate signatures and any which contain swearing or vulgarity will be deleted. Once we finish collecting signatures for the petition (hopefully at or beyond the 30,000 mark), we will format it into a word processor and take it to a printing press to be printed and bound. Copies will then be sent to Nintendo Co., HAL Laboratories (the company responsible for the video games), and Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the Mother series. The work done and the cost involved with the petition is completely handled by the staff and regulars of Starmen.Net, with special thanks to Giovanni, our crazy-rich-man