View Full Version : Baldur's Gate II

02-23-2002, 06:36 AM
I just read the Baldur's Gate II review on IGN for the PC and I was like OH MAN. I have to get this game. You see you get to do things in the game that probably might take you forever. Like answering questions. I mean you can go get a subway, go out for a drink and comeback and still be trying to figure out what to answer the questions. You don't know if ones right or if there is any right answers-IGN. Also towns themselves can take as long as 60 hours to explore and do sidequests!!! According to the review theres never nothing to do in the game. Its like you can just talk to townspeople and never be bored. Or you can just simply enjoy trying different stuff with your characters unlike in a typical RPG where all you do is choose whats the strongest armor most of the time and you're done.

Well I don't know much about recent console RPGs now and I haven't really been playing any, just the old SNES ones.